Boat Lifts

Weymouth Sailing Club has two cranes, a travelling boat cradle (AKA “the Wise machine”) and a slipway for launching or recovering boats.

The larger 9-tonne Heila crane in the club’s Hooker’s Yard allows skippers to lift and store their keel boats for the winter season or just for a few days over the year to clean or carry out repairs to the hull. The Heila crane’s lifting limits are of course radius-dependent. The Wise machine has an 8-tonne weight limit.

There is a smaller electrically operated crane in the Main Yard for lighter boats such as Squibs and dinghies. The Main Yard is separated from Hookers Yard by a narrow public road. The small crane lifts straight into the water from the Main Yard by the club house. The larger crane lifts straight into the water at Hookers Yard.

There are qualified volunteer crane and cradle drivers on hand to help get your boat in and out the water.

Alternatively you can be trained to do it yourself with a little help from your crew or other members.

The broad slipway is ideal for dinghy trolleys to access the harbour with an electric winch to help haul up the heavier dinghies such as a Wayfarer.

Dry Dock

We offer an opportunity for skippers to lay up their boats over part or all of the winter months. 

Weymouth Sailing Club has a long racing season from Easter to Boxing Day. Some 9-months. Because of that we offer the option of several different lifts and launches for those who wish to do major refurbishments or refits and those who just want a short time out of the water to clean off and anti-foul their hulls.

Weymouth Sailing Club also offers under cover mast and other ancillary storage, including for tenders.


The Club offers a range of moorings through the year. There are both pontoon and trot moorings in the protected waters of Weymouth Harbour. Moorings are generally allocated based on the owners history of participation in sailing events and volunteer duties. 

Some Weymouth Sailing Club members keep their boats in the Boatfolk or Weymouth Council marinas through personal choice, and racing schedules take this into account. Another Boatfolk marina is nearby at Portland and some club members use that.

The two club yards also allow for storing dinghies with access to the slipway during the racing season.