Ringstead BBQ – Adam catches his First Fish!

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A gentle westerly breeze filled in across the bay just in time for the start of the Squib race to Ringstead on Sunday, giving a very pleasant spinnaker leg all the way there, with the lead taken from the start by She and Vernon Taylor in 'Hussy', leading around a dozen Squibs and cruisers across the bay to anchor off the beach for lunch. Mark Bugler was race officer as usual, and Adrian Patterson provided support in the RIB to get ashore when we arrived at Ringstead.

'Fish and Ships' in Alderney, 13th- 14th September

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For members who enjoyed the hospitality of YCC at St Martin's Bay in June, or for anyone who fancies a great weekend's sailing, their famous Alderney rally (80 boats last year!) will take place on the weekend of the 13th/14th September, and we are cordially invited to share in this event.

A Big Success

Submitted by nik766

Barts Bash Auction
Saturday night an Auction was held at Weymouth Sailing Club to raise funds for Barts Bash. With 80 tickets pre-booked we knew we were in for a good night. The evening kicked off with a fantastic BBQ full of meat, salad and all things yummy. There was a whole table of cakes which were supplied by various club members for those attending to delve into!

Of Raging and Sewing Bees

Submitted by steve

With all the nice weather we've been having, it took me considerably longer to get back from St. Nazaire to Cherbourg than it took 'Raging Bee' to get to Madeira, where she finished with a superb second place behind Jean-Pierre Kelbert – Mr JPK himself, who wasn't going to let anyone finish ahead of him, even in one of his boats! The 'McDo' team finished a respectable twelfth out of 58 finishers. Congratulations to YCC, and very well done Loulou and Titi from 'Raging Bee' fans at WSC.

Start of the Transquadra 2014 at Saint-Nazaire

Submitted by steve

This year's summer cruise was based on being able to get to St. Nazaire in time for the start of the Transquadra 2014 first to Madeira, as Cherbourg friends Louis-Marie Dussere and Thierry Lacour are sailing 'Raging Bee' in the race; to qualify you have to be amateur and over forty, though the competition is nevertheless very strong, with a large number of JPKs and Sun Fast 3200s among the 61 starters, making a race within a race for both the Cherbourg boats.

Barts Bash Brief

Submitted by daddsie

Most of you will be aware of the mounting excitement of forthcoming Barts bash fundraisers, parties and of course the event itself.

JOG Week on Wildfire - Part 1

Wildfire leaving Cowes

On Friday the Wildfire crew started to assemble on the boat over on Shepard's Wharf in Cowes. The last crew member joined the boat slightly late on in the evening but was welcomed onboard none the less.
The crew welcomed Saturday morning with the kind of fresh enthusiasm and vigour that most sailing crews have at the start of a regatta - that enthusiasm would be tested in the following hours.

Magnificent Megan European Champion

Submitted by daddsie

Megan Pascoe struck gold as she competed in the e 2.4mR Europeans on Snekermeer in Friesland, Netherlands. Home to Sneek Week where 1000 boats from 43 classes turn up on a small piece of water so 54 2.4mR's seemed easy.

Iron Age Sailing (part 2): Navigating with Clouds

Submitted by steve

Nervous sailors worry about losing sight of land, but how did people navigate before even the compass? Iron Age trade between the Continent and England made South Coast ports like Radipole, Hamworthy and Hengistbury important destinations, but how could sailors make reliable landfall with their cargoes? This series of pictures gives a simple clue, showing the coasts of both England and France - in the sky.

At last - an article without 'Cherbourg' in the title (oops)..

Submitted by steve

Finding myself again in you-know-where, having looked at the forecast and thought 'why not?', I was very pleased to catch up with Figaro sailors Alexis Loison and Nicolas Jossier outside the capitainerie, with whom I watched the sad defeat of France on the TV in the bar of the Yacht Club. The weekend also saw the close of the celebrations at Cherbourg of the 'Solitaire du Figaro Eric Blompard Cashmire' offshore race.

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