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Remembrance Sunday saw a late start in blustery conditions for the final race of the YCW Autumn Series for cruisers, hosted by Weymouth SC.
In all, 24 yachts competed in the series which saw a wide range of conditions; from sunny light airs through to yesterday's showers and gusts of 30knts!

Some video footage of Jammy Dodger sailing on the reaches can be seen here

Please listen on Ch.9 for start instructions - we may lay a hut start if conditions or driver availability prevent Viking being used.

Please also note:

  • The class split has changed by two points for this series, moving Effusion and Sunshine into Class 3 from Class 4.
  • The start for the second race in the series on 13th November starts after lunch as it is Remembrance Sunday.

Two classes (‘Class 3’ & ‘Class 4’), will be split at IRC TCC 0.928.

Class 3 (rating above 0.928) - Red, White and Blue vertical striped pennant

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It’s official – we like Weymouth so much we’re adding a day to the Transmanche weekend, so that we have a day to enjoy Weymouth and meet friends at Weymouth Sailing Club! Such is the feeling at Cherbourg Yacht Club, and it will be up to us at WSC to add to the traditional culinary reception organised so admirably by Steve and Josie and Cheryl, maybe with an inter-club sailing event in the Bay – I favour an event with the results of every boat from each club counting! Or a duel in Grand Surprises, perhaps..

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James Dadd and Charlene Jackson from the RORC Rating office in Lymington braved the downpour on Tuesday evening to visit Weymouth SC.
Over three hours, they shared some key information about the rating process and gave advice to owners from both WSC and CCSC on improving their yacht's performance and getting a more accurate rating for racing. Many thanks to everyone who attended this fun and lively Q&A!

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The Weymouth Sailing Club Open Pursuit Race is this Saturday, 26 September. First start (slowest boat) is at 1430.

Click on these links to see the sailing instructions and start times. Will the Weymouth Dinghy fleet please ignore the start times on above list - they appear in the table below and will be communicated to you on the day by the Class Captain - Phil Ashworth.

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Beautiful weather and great race management by Nick Frampton and team delivered an amazing Bart's Bash experience for competitors from WSC, CCSC and Poole Yacht Racing Association.

Click here for Barts Bash Results

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On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September Weymouth SC hosted the National Squib South Coast Championships. Visitors came from as far north as Merseyside, as far as west as Plymouth and Suffolk in the east – a sizeable armada even came from overseas, well, the Isle of Wight.

The weather forecast had been looking dodgy for quite a few days so we all expected a lively wind with some rain – fortunately the latter didn't materialise. Two days of superb sailing were enjoyed by all.

Submitted by steve

The beginning of the YCC Autumn series is a good moment to be here racing on the Grand Surprise again, with Pascal and Alexis Loison in the W class to go up against – I think everyone had them in their sights.

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Arcsine returned from their Fastnet challenge in torrential rain at 1.30am on Sunday - very tired and wet!