Launch of Cold Fusion There is always great excitement in the Club at the launch of a new boat, so a group of Squibbers joined Gareth Evans, with his crew Lyn Matthews and Stuart Carr, on Friday morning 17 April to name his new Squib 'Cold Fusion'.  Gareth named the boat by pouring a half pint of Palmer's best brew over her bow before launching her for the first time.Naming of Cold Fusion

Gareth has been a keen sailor in the Squib fleet for some years and his old boat 'Quicksilver' has changed hands and is now going to be campaigned by Eddie Harper and Steve Dadd.

We wish Gareth and Cold Fusion good sailing and welcome new Squib sailors Eddie and Steve to the fleet.

Sunday 4th January was a perfect day for lifting the Club's racing marks.  The forecast gave light winds after a seemingly endless nor'easterly which has made the bay uncomfortable for weeks.

2009 racing marksDuring the winter each mark is inspected, cleaned, worn chain or rope replaced and letters repainted.

This time the task was made pleasantly straight forward by using Woody's fantastic dive boat, which was very generously loaned to the Club at short notice. 

The job was completed by a strong team of hardy volunteers.  Many thanks to Woody, Steve Fraser, Steve Dadd, Ricky, Alan and Jake  who braved the freezing conditions and the surprises that each chain produced.  Fans of moules frites take note - Mark I is the place to go !

rear_admirals_cup_1The Rear Admiral's Cup series of races competed for by the three yacht clubs of Weymouth was considered a great success in its first year.  The trophy was duly presented by the instigator of the new event Rear Admiral John Croydon to the Rear Commodore (Sailing) of the Royal Dorset Yacht Club, Diana Gill, after sailing on Sunday 30 November at WSC.

The final scores in the event were: RDYC 71 points, WSC 89 points and CCSC 110 points.  The result was not finally settled until the last race.  Next year the series will be repeated, hopefully with the final event being the Cherbourg race, and with the handicapping being under the Portsmouth Yardstick system, rather than the IRC system as this year.  This will render more yachts eligible for selection for the club teams.  I think everyone who took part enjoyed the event very much and it raised a good spirit of sporting competitivness between the clubs

vikingIt is a almost a feat of memory to recall that until a few years ago all the evening race starts were run from the hut and associated start line.  Mostly it was spinnakers up right from the off.  For Saturday and Sunday races, members used their own boats to give a windward start.

Then, someone had the inspired idea of buying a boat to use as a committee boat and thus provide windward starts as the default situation.  So a very dilapidated Viking was purchased and made seaworthy mainly by John James personally, and a team of devotees.  To say there was a lot of work to do is a gross understatement.   All the decking, cabin, and electrics were completely renewed resulting in the present very useable vessel.  Over the first few years, there were breakdowns probably due to ageing parts such as the starter motor, starter relay, bilge pumps, winch motor corrosion, old and corroded wiring etc.  But these did not hamper the operation of the boat.  We managed to repair every fault in time for the next race.  

great_circle_race14 Squibs competed in the inaugural Great Circle Race in good light winds on Saturday 11 October.   As the name implies the trophy race has a fixed course which involves sailing around the marks in the Bay in a large circle.  After a small windward beat from the Committee boat, marks O,T,F,M,K,B,C and H are to be rounded to port.  The course is completed by rounding a set leeward mark and finishing at the Committee boat.  The race is also part of the Squib Saturday 4 series.   The Squibs enjoyed sunny and light conditions requiring great concentration.  The race was won by Saskia helmed by Mark Bugler with Hussy in second place and Magaroo in third.  The trophy made from ripple sycamore and black walnut was crafted by John Thomson.

An amendment to Sailing Instructions issued this weekend allows Race Officers to change the course after the first round in the event of a change in wind direction.  Race Officer Kenny Roebuck took the opportunity, as the wind direction shifted, to use the new ruling during the Sunday 12 October race and changed the windward and the leeward mark for the second round.  Despite some reservations the fleet coped well with the new instructions.  19 Squibs, 15 PY yachts and 15 IRC yachts sailed in sunny, warm conditions. 

To give the Race Team  an option to change the course if they suspect there will be a significant wind shift during a race a new mark will be defined.  See the document for details.

 pdf Autumn-Winter Series Amendment 1

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mike__penny_2 Weymouth Sailing Club member Mike Fenwick is competing for the title of 'King of Cowes'.  Mike won the title of Cowes Squib Champion 2006 in Squib 'Ghost Rider' and was invited to take part in the Touareg King of Cowes competition.  Mike is helming SB3 'Hot Pants' with owner Michael Wood.

For news of the race and results go to

Iain Jones, WSC Sailing Secretary is in Cowes helming one of the Sunsail fleet of 50 identically matched Sunfast 37. The 2007 crews include corporate giants competing against groups of friends and colleagues, many of whom race in this regatta year after year. Kenny Roebuck is also a helm in the Sunfast fleet.

Are there any other Weymouth Sailing Club members in Cowes this year?  Let me know.  Editor.

Malcolm Terry has emailed me to say 'My son Andrew a past member is sailing the Victory Z38 Minx. He has had two third places so far.'

Dragon 2007Yacht Clubs of Weymouth hosted the Dragon Class South Coast Championship and Edinburgh Cup 2007 30 June - 7 July 2007.

Despite windy conditions the class enjoyed good racing and were very complimentary of the championship organising team.  Over 80 volunteers from all the Yacht Clubs joined together to run the championships under the chairmanship of David Dunn. 

Chairman of the British Dragon Association Rob Campbell sent this message to David 'A final heartfelt thank you for all the great work done by you and your team.  It was a wonderfully organized event and enjoyed by all the Dragon sailors.   My objective now is to repay you by getting our World Championships to Weymouth in 2013”.  Chairman BDA.



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mike__penny_2Mark Bugler Vice Commodore of Weymouth Sailing Club led a team of 5 local boats including the 2006 Cowes week champions Mike And Penny Fenwick to the week long Haulfryn Squib National Championships in Abersoch, North Wales (24th to 30th June.)


The National Squib is one of the UK’s most popular one design two man racing keelboats, which are instantly recognizable by their distinctive tan colour sails. Squibs can be regularly seen sailing in the bay as Weymouth Sailing Club has one of the largest fleets in the country.