Submitted by wsc.61

Well done to all the boats making it over the Cherbourg a fortnight ago and apologies we didn’t have our traditional get-together in the evening… though I think most crews ended up in Eldorado as normal! It was a great run and lovely to see so many local boats in Port Chantereyne.

As you may have heard, we had a fair bit of excitement with French customs as we made our way into Cherbourg on Saturday afternoon. For the record, it happened something like this..

Submitted by steve

To be off Utah beach on the 6th of June is something of a privilege, though the fog meant that we didn’t see anything till we arrived in the buoyed channel into Carentan, and then it was only egrets and the occasional cow!

Submitted by wsc

As if to prove you can never truly escape Weymouth, yesterday Diana and Michael Gill bumped into a couple of local sailors from Weymouth and Portland Cruising Association (WPCA).. in Galaxidhi, Gulf of Corinth!

Submitted by steve

I was woken by the sound of the teapot hitting the cabin floor, and then heard the steady flogging of someone’s foresail unravelling in the howling wind – 0200, and the forecast storm was upon us, with gusts abruptly heeling the boat as if we were at sea. I spent a moment or two listening to ’Aliya’s’ rig to make sure all was well, and then peeped out of the hatch into the driving rain at what would soon be an ex-genoa on a boat opposite.

Submitted by steve

After all the bad weather, it was something of a relief to find myself on Friday once again heading for France, though the forecast was correct that the (at times) promising NE breeze died slowly away after midday, and I arrived off the Passe de l'Est at Cherbourg after a pleasant passage mostly motorsailing but with an interlude of actual sailing in the middle. As the sun went down I was glad to be in the marina with my new convector heater working well, and the prospect of a pleasant weekend ahead catching up with friends here.

Submitted by steve

As the weather continues to howl and pour here in the Northern hemisphere, we might spare a thought for the crews who have braved the mixed bag of conditions in this year's Sydney-Hobart race, including that intrepid team of Frenchmen led by Gery Trenteseaux on 'Courrier du Leon'.

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The Commodore and members of WSC wish to express their sympathy and support for the members of Cherbourg Yacht Club and all those people affected by the attacks in Paris on Friday.

Many YCC members live and/or work in Paris – when I rang club secretary Anne Mataguez she told me that a cousin of hers had been in the Stade de France, and that many people in Cherbourg would have had family in Paris at the time.

The tricolore will fly at half-mast at the club during this week to demonstrate our support at this difficult time.

Steve Fraser

Submitted by steve

It’s official – we like Weymouth so much we’re adding a day to the Transmanche weekend, so that we have a day to enjoy Weymouth and meet friends at Weymouth Sailing Club! Such is the feeling at Cherbourg Yacht Club, and it will be up to us at WSC to add to the traditional culinary reception organised so admirably by Steve and Josie and Cheryl, maybe with an inter-club sailing event in the Bay – I favour an event with the results of every boat from each club counting! Or a duel in Grand Surprises, perhaps..

Submitted by steve

The beginning of the YCC Autumn series is a good moment to be here racing on the Grand Surprise again, with Pascal and Alexis Loison in the W class to go up against – I think everyone had them in their sights.

Submitted by stephenhb

The Weymouth SC burgee has been flying at both Falmouth and Channel Classics this year. Falmouth gave scratch class racing for Twisters, whilst the Channel Classics was based on JCH a handicap aimed at older boats (incidentally the results were published using Hals) and 10 Twisters raced.