The IRC fleet tacks as the breeze starts to go left

Inevitably the wind was light and fluky, giving the IRC and PY classes two beats in a row as the wind went left, and a decisive run as the wind then went right again.

Submitted by steve

How many times have you wondered if that big ship coming towards you in the Channel has actually seen you?

Team 'Protocol' leave the pontoon

This year's YCC Transmanche, postponed from June, attracted a fleet of some 14 boats, in spite of a challenging forecast. Boat preparation on Friday afternoon was accompanied by the sound of the wind beginning to whistle in the rigging, though the sunshine continued to suggest that it was still summer. I had asked if I could join a crew, and had arrived by ferry in the morning.

Submitted by Anthony

The Sargent’s annual trip to St. Mawes (Anthony, Christina and Anthony’s children Rosie and Annalise)

We were spotted packing our dinghy up for the road a month ago by a club member, and they suggested that we wrote up our sailing trip to Cornwall when we got back. So here we are and this is what we did:

Future French champions train at Granville

With the prospect of some better weather, I left last Sunday for St Vaast,and then drifted across the Baie de la Seine in glorious sunshine towards Ouistreham.

I will buy a pint for the person who can identify where this is in Cherbourg

Cherbourg is a very different place when you have a bit of time to spend here - though an odd place for 'Pippa' to be mid-August!

Submitted by steve

Exchanging the excitement of Perros-Guirec for the quiet of a night at anchor in the Sept-Iles, I then left for Morlaix on Saturday, sailing in more or less fog most of the way, but arrived in sunshine.

Submitted by steve

I arrived in Perros-Guirec to find this year's Figaro Solitaire preparations in full swing. French Olympic Met specialist David Lanier, who lives in Caen, introduced me to Fabien Delahaye, also from Caen, who must be one of the favourites for this year's series, after an exceptional opening to his 2011 solo season. I also shook hands with Gildas Morvan, a stalwart of the Figaro, and saw friends from the French Olympic preparations in Weymouth in another guise, preparing the Vendee entry.

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Submitted by steve

My first proper cruise this year involved a leg to Alderney with a westerly 3-4, sunny but chilly, with a brief stopover to meet up with old friend Richard, who drove me round the island, stopping off at Gannets Rock, a marvellous view of the Channel Islands and the Raz Blanchard. Then off to Cherbourg in a brisk southerly, which increased at Cap de la Hague and then progressively headed and died as I got nearer to Cherbourg - the perfection of an all-starboard cruise undermined by the need for a short port tack to get through the entrance at Fort de l'Ouest!