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Day skipper course on Mojo J 120

Ade - our Instructor called a briefing session several weeks before the course to identify expectations and reinforce the theory we had learned during the evening classes run by Kathy.
The Course started with 4 on the boat including our excellent YMI Adrian Crook.
We set off on Monday bound for Weymouth bay, fully loaded with enough kit and navigational aids to sink a battleship. This was to familiarise ourselves with the boat – particularly safety equipment - and to practise “man overboard” drills. Apparently Adrian (Ade) wanted to make sure we could recover him if he decided to go swimming!

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We launched Ojo at Mariehamn, Aland island, on 1st June and after 2 days more of rigging, mast stepping and putting on sails she was ready to go down river to the marina. We waited there for 2 days whilst a northerly gale blew through and then had our first sail of 24NM to beautiful Karingsundet on the West of Aland near the ferry terminal of Eckero. We were initially turned away from the harbour by a group of anglers , 50-70 boats full of them, who told us there was no room. As there was no alternative harbour we persisted and rafted out alongside the harbourmaster’s launch.

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The fog was hanging around all week, though (FLW*) 'the forecast said it would clear', and at 0530 on Friday morning there was good visibility and a SW breeze, so off I set, imagining a pleasurable sail across to Weymouth to conclude a very pleasant month in France...

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These essential items typify the weather for the last few weeks as the anticyclone continues - wintry nights and glorious sunny days, with capricious winds to boot. The forecast for la Weymouth was flat calm, though clearly sufficient libations had been poured for the gods to smile on us; as the boats gathered for the start, a breeze filled in from the east and we were off upwind to la Truite in the passe de l’Est, then to bear away a bit for Weymouth on the kind of reach which makes sailing the Channel such a pleasure.

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A quiet Sunday aboard, and it seems a long time since I left Weymouth ten days ago. A pleasant crossing mostly under engine left plenty of time for reading, though a thermal breeze allowed me to arrive under sail as one should, and in time to race aboard the Sigma in the CNC Thursday series, when we came second by a few seconds. It felt good to be back with Thierry and his crew after a long winter in England.

YCW Regatta 2015

The sun is shining and there is great news re Y.C Weymouth Yacht Regatta, you have till April 2nd to enter for HALF price!, see

Waiting for the weather in Spain

Club members Anthony Sargent and Neil Montague have avoided the recent snow by spending 5 weeks sailing across the Atlantic : Antigua -> Azores -> Baiona -> Portsmouth
Here's the blog which is well worth a read Challenger blog
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Making use of the long winter evenings, twelve members of WSC have successfully completed their RYA Day Skipper shore-based course. This is a sailing theory course to equip aspiring yacht skippers with the knowledge to sail inshore passages safely.

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Not having moved from the pontoon for a while, ‘Aliya’ was already keen to sail as we got down the harbour on Thursday morning and I unfurled the main; the chill NE wind filled it, the boat heeled and gathered speed and the fact that it was five thirty in the morning mattered little as I bore away round the end of the pier, let the jib out and began a rapid beam reach out of the bay, with the old moon lighting the way ahead out to sea. Dawn at the Shambles was a great sight, though always the coldest moment at sea, and by the time the sun rose we were well on our way, making six knots with a fairly flat sea.

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Like a tired swallow alighting on a telephone wire during migration, ‘Shalom’, a battered-looking Hurley 22, came to rest yesterday on the pontoon in front of ‘Aliya’. The owner, Kristof, is making his way back to Hamburg, seeking help from fellow sailors as he goes, as he is now short of funds – no great surprise, having just done a 10,000 mile Atlantic circuit, celebrating his 19th birthday on the way!