Cherbourg Rally, 15th - 18th June - A personal perspective

Submitted by andyheyting

When the programme was published the event that went onto my calendar immediately was the Cherbourg Rally - I enjoy the planning, the passage & especially the rendezvous at the destination.

I’d done Day Skipper in December ‘16 in Gibraltar. Myself & the 2 other guys on the course “clicked” - it turned out to be a memorable week and we decided to get together for some sailing when back in the UK. So it was that Steve & Noel traveled to Weymouth on Thursday afternoon from Kent & Poole respectively for our Gibraltar reunion.

Race recording using your smart phone

Squib closes in on Grand surprise

raceQs is a free tracking app which allows you to record sailing data with your phone and creates a 3D replay of your race online. It's easy to use with features such as a time to start recording. It uses GPS but does not need a mobile phone signal.

Try it out, it's very impressive ! raceQs

Cherbourg Rally (and St Martin's bay BBQ),16-19 June 2017

Submitted by steve

The format for this year’s rally will be familiar to those enthusiasts who have joined us before, except that this year we still can’t do the music festival, unless you can stay till Wednesday!

There is, however, another chance to join YCC members for their annual BBQ in the lovely surroundings of St Martin's bay near La Hague on the Sunday, to which WSC members are as usual cordially invited. For the extra-keen there is also the option of a double-hander on Saturday, which usually involves some coastal navigation.

RYA level 1 sailing course 12th / 13th August ( Dinghy)

Submitted by MickRS200

Due to demand a further Level 1 course is now booked for the 12th / 13th August.

This course is aimed at beginners to sailing.

Contact Mick Church for further details and booking forms.

Cherbourg Transmanche to Weymouth 2017


Five Weymouth SC boats attended the Decenniale Transmanche (that's 10th year of cross channel race Nobby); Kathy Claydon's Arcona 370 Arcsine, John Morrison's Archambault A31 58 Degrees North, Simon Hall's J35 Outrageous, Mark Talbot's Elan 295 Effusion and the HB/Riches/Rees JPK 9.60 Tilted.

Crew Day - Saturday 10th June - 12:00

Submitted by wsc.61

Introduction to crewing for Club Members.

If you're new to the Club or perhaps a little apprehensive about crewing, then participating as crew during the Club races is one of the best ways to learn. There are many opportunities to crew on yachts, squibs, and dinghies, plus sailing courses and other sailing-related activities.

RYA training course Saturday and Sunday 24th/25th June

Submitted by MickRS200

The Next Dinghy Training course aimed at RYA level 1 is scheduled for the 24th/25th June.

Certificates will be issued at the end of the course for successful candidates.

This course is only open to members.

Contact Mick Church for further details.

Mick RYA race coach and Senior Instructor

Ten years of YCC's Transmanche to Weymouth

Submitted by steve

Already the advance forecasts are not unfavourable for next weekend’s Transmanche, though we will have to wait a little to see what conditions will actually be like on the day.

This is the tenth year of the Transmanche, which has become something of a tradition at WSC as well - to the extent this year that members have expressed the wish to be on the start line at Cherbourg next weekend, along with boats from Le Havre, possibly Granville and of course Cherbourg.

Club boats and RYA training course Saturday 3rd and 4th June 2017

Submitted by MickRS200

The next Scheduled Training course is an RYA level 1 course.

This is only open to members.

Candidates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Early booking is advised as places go quickly.

Portland to Cherbourg on a Volvo 70

Nick on the nav station

Nick Massey skipper of “Tumbarumba” and Coxswain of Weymouth lifeboat will be getting married to Nicola on Friday 5th May. Traditionally the groom has a stag event that normally includes consuming copious amounts of alcohol. As Nick is a fairly sensible chap he decided that this was not for him, so he chartered Steve White’s 2008 Volvo 70 – Ex “Telefonica Black” and invited some friends to join him on a gentle cruise from Portland to Cherbourg and return. Read Al's full article here

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