Youth on Boats - July Update

The Youth sailors are delighted to be back on the water again and have taken advantage of the fine conditions to catch up on lost sailing opportunities. There are a number of new provisions in place from previous years, which everybody has happily accepted – the main change being that a pre-booking system is now in place. Not only does this ensure that we have sufficient boats and safety cover, but it also means we can use a bubble system for everyone’s safety.

Some of our younger members are quickly improving and will soon be out of the Opis and into the Feva fleet. It is great to see the enthusiam that our younger members have - the next generation of club cruisers and racers is developing fast! Steve is planning for a full season of fun for the YOBs including both practical, race and theory sessions, to help harness the potential.

As always it is good to have other members supporting our activities, from manning the safety boats to sailing alongside to watch. If any WSC members would like to join us, with or without their children please email Steve –

Submitted on Wednesday, 22nd July