YCC Transmanche - 2019 edition

Note the WSC flag on the poster!

The record Transmanche time for a Cherbourg boat is 6 hours 45 minutes, achieved by 'Metis', a Cherbourg Grand Surprise without a spinnaker in 2011, in a NW force 7, sailed by my friends Wilfried and Fred with a couple of mates. It was also the year we broke the boom on the way over at night in 'Protocole', a Beneteau 40!

The event is growing in popularity among French sailors from Le Havre to Granville, not least for the welcome they receive at WSC, and we look forward to a good crowd both in Cherbourg and Weymouth this year.

Normally it’s a lovely weekend, and it would be good to have a few more Weymouth boats to line up against our Norman cousins, who have already shown their strengths at Spi-Ouest and in RORC. If you join in the informal race over on Thursday night, there is also the chance for a quick spot of shopping in Cherbourg and a meal out on Friday before the start on Saturday morning - nothing like a few cases of wine on the cabin floor to maintain stability under spinnaker!

If you’re interested in doing this event, contact me at the club.
Steve Fraser

Submitted on 13th May 2019