Winter Series

Hello Sailors
Well after our summer of no wind and sunshine, who'd have thought of a winter like this... blown out kites, ripped mains, collisions and holes in boats but thankfully no injuries.
What's left of the fleet will still be out this Sunday for the penultimate race of the Winter Series.
In IRC 4 with 3 bullets in the first three races Rumrunner was clearly leading the class. Unfortunately they're out of the game with battle damage, coming down the table it's neck and neck with Tiger Lily and Effusion with 11.5 plays 11 points but there's still a chance for Orion and the Springbokers !
Onto the Class threes, Bon Vacances! went into the series in confident form having won the Autumn Series, benefiting from the Absence of the Woofy and his Blue Rocket Ship, however complacency is the enemy of success and Bon Vacances totally bombed out in the nightmare November. Currently Passion and Arscine are in the lead with 10 points each, but Jo90 with 3 bullets could still take the prize if they get to shake off their last discard.

It's Great Racin''it ! See you all Sunday

Submitted on 13th December 2018