Gin Tasting

Would you like to come to a gin tasting? The response from Weymouth Sailing Club members was an emphatic ‘yes’, and Saturday’s event was a sell-out.

Members enjoyed ten different gins, including three mainstream brands and seven bottles from small boutique distilleries. These were thoughtfully paired with various Fever Tree tonics or ginger ale, with a garnishing of different fruits to complement the flavour of the gins.

An enjoyable glassful was Brockman’s Gin, combining juniper with unique blueberry and blackberry flavours. The addition of real blueberries and blackberries really brought out the fruitiness.

Warner Edwards rhubarb gin was served with ginger ale to produce an age-old flavour combination that gave a zing on the palate.

Most members had never tried neat gin, so were surprised that the Whitley Neil quince gin tasted like a powerful, sweet after-dinner liqueur.

To line the stomachs Carl in the galley produced some excellent platters of artisan cheese and charcutierie, including various salamis and prosciutto together with quince jelly.

After ten different gins members were not only much wiser about gin flavours, but also suitably relaxed. Many thanks to Carl in the galley and mixologist Dan from Marston’s who supplied the gins.

Submitted on 22nd February 2018