A Crackers Evening

The annual Christmas party was reinvented last evening with a change from the normal multiple course meal, bow ties and bunting to a simple turkey dinner, with a table that was decorated without a cracker in sight.

There were firecrackers, rocket balloons, party popper, sweets, Christmas jumpers and Sparkly frocks.

A bountiful Christmas hamper was raffled, all profits going to our two favoured charities this year. Chesil Sailability and Cancer Research.

Just over £100 was raised.

The hamper was won by Daniel 'white socks' Newnham, with white ticket No. 35.

After the food and the competition for the most glamorous outfits, the games commenced. Walking the plank, Space hopper racing (which witnessed Gary Owens bounce spectacularly into the Christmas tree,) a game which included brazil nuts, buckets and knees, plus a tug of war.

Cheating seemed to be the order of the day and amid a multitude of protests, Team Bon Vacancies walked off the victors, with a barrel of beer.

The evening was finished off dancing to cheesy music from our youth.

Thanks must go to Sharon and Graham May, Josie for the table decorations and administrative organisation, Iain Jones for sorting out the web-based stuff, along with Berry, Angela, Gary and Sarah who helped lay tables, sort out the disco and blow up the Space Hoppers. Whilst Alexandra, Shirley and Julie worked slavishly behind the bar, waitressing or in the galley.

Submitted on 10th December 2017