Cherbourg Rally June 19th-22nd 2015

Detail from a late C17th chart of the Normandy coast - best not to use it for navigation...You can find out where this leads....Tranquility in the Emmanuel Liais gardens

It's suddenly less than two weeks to go to the Cherbourg rally! As ever, there is a cracking weekend in store in Cherbourg as well as the race/cruise in convoy on the Friday to get us there. If you've not done the Channel before, this is the time to do it! We welcome boats and crews from all the local clubs, some of whom regularly make this the start of their annual cruise...

The music festival on the 21st June is an extraordinary event, when you can wander the streets and find a new musical experience on every corner; there are also organised concerts in the performance venues around the town. The whole thing is always a bit last-minute and the list of this year's events is still being finalised, but you can always buy a copy of Friday's 'Presse de la Manche' which usually contains a full list with a useful map of where each event will be. There will also be a concert in the newly-refurbished library Jacques Prevert on the Saturday afternoon.

The weekend will start with drinks at Cherbourg Yacht Club on Friday evening, a chance to meet up with YCC members again; Saturday is obviously market day, a much friendlier way of shopping than in a supermarket, and at lunchtime we will be having the usual wine-tasting at Normandie Wine Warehouse, who will deliver to your boat, so there's no need to carry anything!

Then there is the option of a visit to the WW2 batteries inside the Montagne du Roule, and the Museum in the fort at the top of the hill: a less strenuous option is the Emmanual Liais garden, which at this time of year is lovely, with its greenhouses as well, and the museum is a definite must – it is an extraordinary collection of all sorts of things and creatures from all over the world, and only a few minutes walk from the marina. A short walk to the west takes you past the Arsenal to the magnificent Hopital Maritime and the Abbaye du Voeu, one of the oldest buildings in Cherbourg with a beautifully restored refectory. Or if you fancy a bus ride, there is the beach at Le Becquet and the chance to walk out to the little-known Passe Collignon, Cherbourg harbour's other entrance.

There's lots to do, so make the most of the opportunity to join us on the 19th June. More details will be available on the club notice board with the sign-up list, and there will be an informal get-together after racing on the Thursday evening for those who can make it.

Steve Homan-Berry (Cruiser Class Captain)
Steve Fraser (Vice Captain)

Submitted on 10th June 2015