All Hands On Deck & Decorating!

It was the weekend of Saturday January 28th & Sunday January 29th that saw a merry crew of volunteers embark on the decorating and maintenance weekend including the refurbishment of the roof terrace decking.

Steve Dadd organised the painting indoors while Mick Keen led a team who braved the bright but chilly elements lifting, renovating and painting the decking out on the roof terrace. This year it was decided that most of the clubroom was in a good state and other than a bit of selective painting, it was to be left. What was done, was quite fiddly, we had the professional services of Phil Samways concentrating on the black woodwork, while a team painted the ceiling and walls in the galley. Some more volunteers crawled around painting shelves behind the bar, the changing room walls were painted where required, while others managed to paint all the lockers and check all those unclaimed ones for re-issue. The Longshed got a re-organisation and a touch up of paint here and there, and the hall & lobby floor was repainted. Even the burgees on the wall got a dusting. So a really big thank you to all who helped, including the cake bakers and refreshments servers, and in particular to those who turned up for both days.

Thank-you from
The House Team

Submitted on 30th January 2012