Crew Person Of The Year

The nominations are in. Who will win Crew Person Of The Year? You Decide.

All season the nominees have been out regularly sailing on various yachts and have been nominated by their peers for Crew Person Of The Year.

Read their profiles, make your choice and make your vote at the bottom of the page.

The winner will be announced at the Cruiser Class Dinner.

Adele has had a break through year and has been reguarly seen trimming the mainsheet on Qu Au Rhum2. Nominated by Qu Au Rhum for Crew Person Of The Year. "Adele has excelled this season in picking up new tasks on the boat. With her great enthusiasm Adele has helped to gel the team together helping make the boat competitive once again."

Charlotte has had a season crewing on a variety of boats. Willing to step up into any role on a boat and always doing so with great enthusiasm. Charlotte is always encouraging with new crew and always seems to have a ready supply of bacon butties and chocolate brownies

Kenny has been there and done most stuff with sailing. Kenny is still enjoying his sailing whilst passing on his skills and knowledge to sailors young and old. A great mentor and a calming influence on any boat.

Roger could be found crewing on a few different boats this season. Always the first to volunteer for any jobs on the boat Roger has been seen helping with the antifouling to foredeck, always with a smile.

Jo is another crew who has had a breakthrough season. As well as being reliable, helping with boat maintnenance Jo has also been introducing her fellow crew members to new culinary tastes, giving music lessons and was involved in a shoe search and rescue.