Yacht Racing
New to Weymouth and looking to go racing.

New to Weymouth.
Available for weekday evening races, possibly occasional weekends.
Raced in the Solent for many years. Can cover most positions. ISAF Cat1 (GBRPB19)
paul.browning@asmpt.com 07732 761370

Any boat
Newly Qualified Day Skipper Theory Crew Available

Dear Members, Keith and I have passed our Day Skipper theory exam and are keen to get more practical experience in hand for the new season.

We are available mid-week as well as weekends and often at the drop of a hat!

We have some knowledge of dinghy and yacht sailing.

Having done extensive research whilst buying our hopefully soon-to-arrive yacht we now know our kicker rod from a spinnaker pole to steering around cardinal buoys!

Able to learn quickly too...

Looking forward to joining as crew for both racing and cruising - yachts and squibs. Happy to commit to a season or racing block but would also like to get experience with different skippers and boats.

Kindest and warmest wishes,

Alexandra and Keith

Any boat
Crew available

Crew available, eager to learn I have been mostly sailing wayfarer and classic yachts. I have done day skip. Phil Roberts 07900153390

Yacht Racing
Crew Training On A Winning Boat

Rumrunner is extending its racing dates in 2018 and needs extra crew. Novices or Olympic sailors (with experience) are welcome. We have an excellent history of training novice sailors, so give us a call. Steve 07976 356633